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Head of School's  Message

Dear All,


Over the past decade, summer programs have become recognized for the crucial role they play in moving students forward. Research informs us that two months spent out of school each summer results in academic backsliding for many students. However, summer programs that elaborate on and enhance what students are studying during the school year set students up to thrive. This – combined with opportunities for great fun and memory-making – is the driving force behind the Bentley Summer Academy (BSA).


BSA is directed by Bentley's Director of Auxiliary Services, Nick Knauer, whose professional credentials in before- and after-school programs, and in particular summer programs, are considerable and extensive. The BSA faculty is also unique in that it is comprised largely of the talented and dedicated Bentley faculty who work with students day in and day out during the school year with outstanding results.


For our inaugural year, we are excited to share the scope of offerings and the ways in which they complement year-round learning. This program is designed for Bentley students but is also open to all families from other schools whose children will benefit from this experience. Please be in touch with Mr. Knauer with your questions and suggestions. We are truly excited about the summer of 2019 at Bentley School and hope you will join us.



Arlene Hogan


Why bentley summer academy?

Since 1920, Bentley has been known for superior academics, respectful culture, exceptional teachers, and an overall transformative educational experience that creates lifelong learners. Our Summer Academy is no different. The same elite faculty from across the globe will provide the highest level of instruction in a myriad of different specialties, from dance and culinary arts to athletics and robotics. Almost every faculty member has a master’s degree in the subject they are teaching, and many also have their doctorate as well.  


Everything we do in the Summer Academy is perfectly tailored toward each grade level to maximize fun, safe, and phenomenal experiences that campers will remember forever. Our campers come from all over the Bay Area and beyond to take part in our extremely exciting and diverse academy programming. Are you ready to take your summer to the next level?


The bentley promise

To pursue academic excellence from Kindergarten

To the threshold of college,

To cherish potential and, even more, fulfill it;

To explore the arts, to love the sciences,
And embrace curiosity of all kinds;

To feel the balance of mind and body
That comes from companionship on the field of play;

To lead when the time is to lead,

To learn critical thinking that makes for good, reasoned choices,
And be a citizen of the world in all the best senses;

To expect a lot of yourself,
But care and cooperate for the good of all;

In sum, to feel the enthusiasm and fun
That make learning a lifetime pursuit -

These are the goals of Bentley School,
and the community inside and around it.



Bentley fosters an inclusive culture, embracing all forms of diversity and enabling our students and graduates to thrive in a global environment. 


Bentley students represent 71 zip codes with nearly 50% self-identifying as people of color. Financial aid benefits 28% of families, enriching our community with socioeconomic diversity

To honor our commitment to inclusion, Bentley:

  • Supports efforts to recruit and retain students, faculty, and administration from diverse backgrounds

  • Nurtures awareness of equity issues through education and provides an education environment in which a wide range of study related to gender, race, culture, religion, physical capability, politics, socioeconomics, and other forms of diversity are respected, embraced, and explored

  • Embraces cultural competence and respect for the individual in and beyond the classroom

  • Sponsors activities and events that reflect an inclusive culture