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Culinary Arts

Culinary World Tour is a hands-on, experiential culinary course, and therefore it focuses on the development of fundamental culinary skills, core cooking methods, and learning to cook for great flavor. Students will incrementally develop specific food preparation techniques such as knife skills, food production, food safety and sanitation, development of a palate, and nutritional fundamentals. Students will explore methods of cooking with dry heat (sautéing, pan frying, deep frying, grilling, and roasting) and moist heat (braising, stewing, poaching, and steaming). They will also learn the culinary basics of food preparation and investigate, research, and produce foods from a range of culinary traditions from around the world. It is the intent of this course that through repetition and reinforcement students will develop competence and confidence as emerging cooks as well as a better understanding of world cuisines and culinary traditions. Each week we will explore the cuisine of a different regional culinary tradition. We will investigate the origins of those traditions, how they have evolved over time, and then prepare dishes from that same tradition.


Week 1: The focus for the initial week will be Mediterranean with a focus on the amazing variety of foods and recipes from Italy and Spain. Students will make and sample their own sauces, vegetable and meat dishes, pasta from scratch, as well as desserts.


Week 2: The second week the focus will shift to South Asian cuisine and focus on the wonderfully spiced dishes from India and Thailand. Tikka Masala, Pad Thai, and Daal are just some of the dishes that we will prepare and enjoy.


Week 3: Next in the sequence we will concentrate on the unique foods of the American South. Jambalaya, BBQ, fried chicken, and other foods that make the food of the South on every one’s favorite list.


Week 4: This week we will go halfway around the world and take a good look at the seemingly endless variety of dishes from East Asia. There will be a focus on Chinese cuisine with a mind to differentiate the difference between the various regions within China’s amazingly diverse culinary options.


Week 5: The final week of the program we will take a look at the concept of fusion cuisine. This is a concept introduced in the 70s by such local treasures as Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley. We will investigate elements of a variety of traditions and use them in creative dishes that are a cross between at least two region’s foods — an example might be Korean Tacos.