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Culinary Arts

This course is designed to expose students to the exciting world of entrepreneurship by planning the launch of a new restaurant and learning practical culinary skills and traditions from around the world. In the morning, students will work as a team to develop a restaurant concept and brand based on the week’s assigned culinary tradition. Among the many projects, produce a restaurant business plan, students will develop menu ideas, research the required permits and licenses, price out equipment and food suppliers, design a restaurant layout for the front of the house and the kitchen, as well as develop a robust marketing plan.


In the afternoon, students will focus on practical cooking components. Students will experiment with recipes and test menu items in Bentley’s new state-of-the-art professional teaching kitchen. This hands-on experiential culinary component is fundamental to learning culinary skills, core cooking methods, and practicing the art of presentation and customer service. Students will incrementally develop specific food preparation techniques such as knife skills, food production, food safety and sanitation, and nutritional fundamentals. Each week students will explore and develop new recipes from different culinary traditions from around the world.

Week 2: June 22nd-26th
Week 4: July 6th-10th
Week 8: Aug 3rd-7th
Mexican Soul Food
Caribbean Fusion
Desserts & Confections