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The Health and Wellness seminar will introduce campers to health issues that are relevant throughout their lifetimes. The focus is on promoting knowledge of health-related topics and the ability to make personal choices that result in healthy behaviors as well as an increase in personal well-being. We will explore health holistically -- including mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness -- as well as the interconnectedness of each of these aspects. Topics include stress reduction, the role of emotions, methods for coping with distress, empathy, kindness, gratitude, compassion, happiness, emotional resiliency, alcohol, drugs, sexual health, gender, sexuality, and healthy relationships. This course is interactive and will include workshops on wellness, positive psychology, health-related field trips, and guest speakers. Campers will learn to assess personal health and wellness habits, as well as lifestyle. They will create and evaluate goals set at the beginning of the course. Upon full completion of this course, Bentley students are eligible to receive credit on their transcripts. Students enrolled at other high schools should contact their respective school administrators to determine if this course would meet their credit criteria.

Week 6-7:
July 20th-31st